Thursday, September 29, 2011

World language classes vary greatly in the proficiency objectives, standards and milestones that guide the teacher's lesson plan and teaching methods. We believe that speaking a new language in complete, meaningful sentences, and in a context of interaction with real people, stimulates the language learning capacity in a way that no other activity can do. If we are right, then how can we offer help to teachers who want to try this method? We offer a complete line of curriculum to support the QTalk method of language instruction, but we always say it is the teacher, and not the books or the teaching tools or the technology, that makes the difference in a classroom setting. We'll be posting teaching tips and we hope you will share yours as well, If you happen to be using Maurice Hazan's QTalk method, or his earlier version called the Symtalk method, then you probably have discovered many tips of your own, and we hope you will share them by commenting on this blog or starting your own and letting us know about it. If you are using a different teaching method but have some ideas to help other world language instructors, we hope you'll share and let us know about your blog, book or curriculum. The world is changing so quickly, we need to support one another in the important work we all our doing - giving the gift of a new language to our students, by helping them discover their inborn capacity to think and speak not only in the specific language we happen to be teaching them right now, but also to help them realize they can indeed learn to think and speak in any language they want to learn, for the rest of their lives.

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